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Bring Learning to Life - A Guide for Homeschooling Parents


Bring Learning to Life explains how to use the EPIC learning cycle to develop your own thematic home school programs. 

It explains the importance of each part of the cycle and what you need to provide to develop your children's thinking skills and in-depth and meaningful learning.

You will also find general information on -

  • Bloom's Thinking Skills
  • multiple intelligences
  • guided discovery or inquiry learning
  • learning styles
  • creative thinking - Brainstorming, SCAMPER, Six Thinking Hats, Mind Maps,
  • explanations and activities for each of the EPIC phases 
  • products and performances suggestions
  • examples of how to set up work portfolios; and
  • how to use the Parent Planner and Records book. 


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Parent Planner and Records - AUSTRALIAN National Curriculum




The ultimate planning tool for homeschooling parents...

  • created to help you design and implement your own homeschooling
  • with Australian National Curriculum headings
  • uses EPIC learning cycle to ensure creativity, ingenuity and love of learning
  • easy planner to write your own thematic homeschooling program.
  • ensures higher order thinking skills
  • helps you develop a structured yet flexible home education program
  • stay organised
  • keep track of your homeschooling programs
  • printable sheets - to use over and over again!


NOTE: every page can be printed as often as you like - set up your own file to suit your own circumstances and style!


Copyright permission is granted for one family only

PLUS -  $13.40 postage and handling within Australia

Teaching Reading and Spelling is EASY!



Have you every heard that the English language is difficult to learn?

Many people believe this to be true however, English is actually one of the easiest languages to learn.

Teaching Reading and Spelling is EASY! will provide you a simple, effective method of teaching. Your children will learn to read very quickly.

Forget having to read 'basal readers'... children can go straight to the library!

The book includes...

  • background information to teaching reading and spelling
  • memory training
  • essential phonics
  • simple ways of teaching phonics to make learning effortless
  • how to introduce and use syllables
  • word building
  • spelling rules
  • syllabification rules
  • printable work sheet for personal spelling lists
  • 'Have A Go' pad and word lists for each phonogram!



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Phonogram cards



  • 75 cards
  • sturdy card - 300gsm
  • Full colour one side, black and white on reverse

For use with Teaching Reading and Spelling is EASY! 



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Phonogram Desk Mat



Full coloured / double sided and laminated


For use with....

... Teaching Reading and Spelling is EASY!

 and the phonogram cards.



PLUS - $2.00 postage and handling within Australia